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Long-term car rental

RCB car rental provides “Long-term car rental” service.
With us you can take a comfortable car for a long time at the best price and at optimal conditions.

Long-term car rental in Baku

Long-term car rental in Baku

Our company provides long-term car rental in perfect technical condition.

We make great efforts to fully satisfy the individual needs and wishes of our customers, offering the most favorable rental conditions.

Any person is not insured from the fact that your favorite car suddenly fails.

It is almost impossible to foresee such a situation in advance, because even expensive cars break down from time to time and get into emergency situations. But this is not a reason to abandon the comfortable movement, because now there is a rental car for a long time, which gives complete independence from external circumstances.

Let us list the main advantages of a long-term car rental that a car enthusiast or a representative of a commercial organization receives by contacting our company:

  • long-term car rental has a low cost, quite affordable for many residents of our country;
  • registration of all necessary documents takes no more than fifteen minutes;
  • child car seat is provided and installed at no extra charge;
  • long-term car rental provides for the possibility of reserving the model you like.

It should be noted separately that every person who wants to get a long-term car rental in our company can count on qualified assistance and attentive attitude from experienced specialists.

This will take into account not only personal preferences, but also the financial capabilities of a person who is interested in renting modern cars.

In addition, with us you can use the service Long-term rental cars with redemption.

Terms of registration of long-term car rental

  • In order to book a long-term car rental, it is enough that the age of the tenant is from twenty-five years, and the driving experience is at least three years.
  • In addition, to take advantage of long-term car rental, you must have a valid driver's license and a regular passport.
  • Another important condition that must be remembered to the clients of our company who have issued a rental car is a ban on leaving the country.
  • It is possible to travel outside Baku if there is an appropriate clause in the contract.

In order to take a car for a long-term rental it is necessary to conclude a long-term car rental agreement .

If you want to get more information about the conditions of the lease, just call: +995 78 934-39-12 .


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