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Car rental services

RCB car rental provides car rental services in Baku and throughout Azerbaijan.
We rent modern comfortable cars at the most reasonable prices and on favorable terms for you.

Car rental services in Baku

Car rental services

Car rental service in our time is very much in demand, since having hired a car, you will not need to monitor its technical condition, change tires or carry out repair work.

You take a comfortable car and calmly drive it.

All rental cars provided by our company are technically sound and have insurance.

Taking a car from us you will be confident in its reliability and appreciate the comfort when moving.

To rent a car you need:

  • - driving experience from 3 years;
  • - driver's license;
  • - age of the tenant from 25 years;
  • - civil passport.

Car rental is carried out from 2 days. Paperwork occurs fairly quickly within 15 minutes. See rental conditions.

Car rental price

Car rental Autoday provides one of the most affordable prices for car rental services in Baku, rather than other companies. We are able to keep prices at the most optimal level because we have developed a flexible pricing policy.

Contact us and you can rent a modern car quickly and at an affordable price.


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