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Rent a car without a driver

Car rental without a driver is one of the most popular services offered by our company.
We give comfortable cars for rent at the most affordable prices and on favorable terms for you.

Car rental without a driver in Baku

car rental without a driver

Car rental without a driver is often chosen by people who want to understand all the objective advantages and disadvantages of the car model they like.

After all, in order to understand the character and unique features of cars, it is necessary to spend several hours driving, not one hour.

Renting a car without a driver will allow you to draw the right conclusions about ergonomics and the comfort of the cabin, the engine and suspension, etc.

In addition, car rental without a driver is in high demand among people who, by the nature of their professional activity, have quite a lot and often travel to different cities of our country.

In this case, a rental car gives you the opportunity to perform important business in the usual way, which is very convenient for many people who are used to rationally spending time and money.

A large selection of modern cars allows you to rent a car without a driver cheaply in full accordance with personal preferences and financial capabilities of the client.

Conditions for renting a car without a driver

To use the services of our company, it is enough to fulfill the following conditions:

  • the driving experience of a person who draws up a car for rent without a driver must be at least three years;
  • car rental is allowed if you have a valid driver's license and a regular passport;
  • The minimum rental period for a car selected directly by the driver is at least two days.

In order to use our car rental service without a driver in Baku , it is enough to contact the managers by calling them by phone: +995 78 934-39-12 .


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