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Rent a car with a buyout

Renting a car with an option to purchase is quite a profitable and sought-after service from our company.
We rent modern comfortable cars for redemption on the most optimal conditions for you.

Car rental with option to purchase in Baku

Car rental with option to purchase in Baku

Our company offers to rent any car with the right of subsequent redemption. Renting a car with a buyout is a highly demanded service that is very popular in Baku.

The cost includes the cost of:

  • machine maintenance,
  • seasonal rubber kits,
  • security system and installation work,
  • transport tax,
  • insurance

Rent a car with the right of redemption has the following advantages:

  • Flexible payment schedule. The tenant independently determines the convenient payment schedule. The car can be redeemed for 12, 18 or 24 months. At the same time there is the possibility of early repayment.
  • Renting a car with subsequent purchase does not include a down payment, which is very convenient for people with limited incomes.
  • This car rental does not require the collection of a large package of documents (certificate of income, etc.)

By issuing a rental, you can get the car as soon as possible, not exceeding 3 days. You do not need to deal with insurance, search for rubber, the passage of MOT, etc.

Lease agreement with option to purchase: terms of execution

The term of the lease agreement is not more than 24 months. The optimal time is chosen by the tenant. In addition, a person can independently choose a payment schedule (weekly or monthly). In this case, the car is already on the official account and has insurance.

Transaction procedure

  • there is a coordination of a specific model with the managers of our company;
  • an exact calculation of the transaction amount;
  • the tenant is audited by the security company;
  • a contract for car rental with the right of redemption is made.

After the conclusion of the contract, all the conditions of the transaction, the schedule of payments, and an auto-acceptance certificate are drawn up in the document.

Если нужного автомобиля нет в нашем парке, то машина покупается под заказ, но тогда возникает необходимость первоначального взноса, который составляет 10-15% от стоимости машины в зависимости от марки. Первый взнос уплачивается в день подписания договора.

Передача машины:

  • если машина из парка, то вы получите ее в день подписания договора,
  • если машина покупается под заказ, то вы сможете ее получить через 7 дней.

Переход в собственность оформляется по завершении всех выплат по договору. Получить дополнительную информацию о услуге прокат авто с выкупом можно у наших менеджеров, позвонив им по телефону: +995 78 934-39-12 .


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